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Eco-friendly soy wax candles, hand-poured in Toronto

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Walking through the city’s ravines in early spring. Notes of sandalwood and geranium give a foggy morning walk a mystical vibe.

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The scent of a mountain top in the wait of winter. Notes of moss and violet leaves, breath stillness and calm.

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The fragrance of pine needles encounters notes of wood and a hint of smokiness from the chimney. It feels just like at the cottage.

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Flowers bloom under the morning summer sun. Through an open window, the fragrance of lilies, vanilla, red currant and grass announce the day.

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How It’s Made

Lares Candle Co. has at its core the love for beautiful artisanal items.

With a genuine passion for preserving tradition while delivering excellent quality, we take pride in supporting small ateliers that create every piece with care and dedication. Set in handmade glass containers, developed and crafted in Portugal at exceptional standards, every single candle is poured by myself, one-by- one, in small batches. Each candle is cooled and cured for two weeks before it is ready to be lit. I then polish and apply the finishing touches right before the candle is prepared to be sent to you.

The candle containers are individually crafted in Portugal.

Every single glass is put on a pipe from the melting furnace. It is then carefully placed into a mold and are expanded by blowing into the tube until the desired thickness and diameter are achieved. The glass is then cut and the rim is polished.

Every single candle is very dear to me.

I have conducted hundreds of intensive burn trials over 8 consistent months in order to find the right combination between wicks, wax and fragrances, and to ensure proper burning for your best experience and safety.

Each container is unique, and this is what makes it special.

Once your candle is complete, I encourage you to carefully clear the inside of the ceramic and use the container as a household glass. It makes a wonderful cocktail glass for your dinner parties.